State Fire School 2022 will be held in MITCHELL, at the MITCHELL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, 9-11 June.

The Purposes of the SDFA are to promote:

  • The science and methods of fire protection
  • Life safety and emergency safety
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of members and public
  • Training and education of the fire service
  • Public safety to prevent life and property loss from fire
  • Prevention and suppression.

9-17-7. Schools and promotional activities of South Dakota Firefighters' Association, Incorporated. The South Dakota Firefighters Association, Incorporated, shall hold annual schools for the purpose of instruction and drilling, as well as testing modern methods and fire extinguishing apparatus, and in general shall encourage and promote the protection of property from loss and destruction by fire.

The time and place of the annual school shall be fixed by the South Dakota Firefighters Association, Incorporated.